Welcome to a great source of temporary and permanent jobs in Ontario. At Excel we believe that searching for work should not be about just finding a job. It should be about finding the right job, if you are in the right job, a job that fits your personality, skills, and experience, you are more likely to be productive and successful.

At Excel we are always looking for great people. If you are looking for temporary or permanent work, simply fill out the online application or submit your resume. If your skill and experience matches available opportunities a member of our staff will contact you. You can also search out current job openings to view positions we are advertising.

Foreign trained students and Canadian Nationals

We also assist qualified Job Seekers to find legitimate employment in countries outside Canada. So if you are a foreign student or Canadian National looking for legitimate employment outside Canada, check out our international job advertisements and call us. We will help you navigate this process.

* Please contact our office if you have any questions