We provide many services to both employers and employees based on best practises and industry norms. Our current services are listed below.

Temporary, Permanent and Temporary to Permanent jobs

Canadian Nationals and Foreign Trained Students

We assist qualified job seekers in finding legitimate employment in countries outside Canada. If you are a Canadian national or a foriegn trained student looking for a job outside Canada, browse our international job postings or contact us. We will assist you in finding the job you want.

On-Site Services

Excel has many years experience providing large numbers of temporary staff at client premises. Excel is able to organize and manage the process to ensure that all required positions are filled with qualifed personnel for the duration of the contract.

Global Positioning and Mobile Recruiting

With our mobile RV office, we are able to provide the same high quality services to any industry or any geographic region whenever there is an extremely high demand for temporary staffing. Our mobile team is able to quickly deploy to remote locations to attract candidates who are willing to relocate to fill positions in areas where there may be a shortage or workers.

Free Job Posting

With our updated website, employers are now able to post free job ads for up to 30 days. Employers save money on advertising and have immediate access to hundreds of suitable candidates for the posted positions.  If the positions remain vacant after 30 days, the Employer agrees to have the position filled by Excel Employment. A fee will apply for this service after the free 30 day grace period.

Basic and specific Testing and Training

When requested by the client, all required testing and training will be provided to each candidate. This includes but is not limited to Health and Safety, Food and Safety, WHIMS and HACCP. Excel Employment is also able to provide background checks, drug tests, GMP and other services required by the Employer for each candidate.

Payroll and Finance

Fast capital for sudden surges in production and the need for many temporary workers may not always be easily accessible. Excel Employment is able to assist you in these situations with payroll credits for up to 60 or 90 days. Please contact one of our staffing specialists for details.

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Positions & Industry

Estimators - Oil & Gas

Director of Operations - Transport & Logistics

Designer - Automative

Category Manager - Retail

Project Manager - Banking & Finance

NOC Specialist - Staffing

RPN Nurse - Medical

Operations Manager - Manufacturing